Have Q4 planned out. 

Finish with a bang, and start a new year with confidence.

Don't just let the most profitable quarter of the year passively pass you by. 

Plan out what needs to be published, what affiliate products you can push, and even what products you should be developing for the coming year ... for that inevitable Q1 slump.

Why should you even care?

Quarter one happens every year and every year I see people asking, "Why is my ad revenue so low?" Instead of feeling frustrated in the new year, plan an awesome Quarter 4 that allows you to earn money now while also preparing your site to perform well even in January-March!

Printable planning Guide

Get a planning suide for the months of October, November, and December. Simply print out and either put in your planner or hang on the wall!

Yearly Goals page

Print two of these. Evaluate the goals and plans you had for '19 and get a jump start on planning an epic 2020 for your business.


SEO planning calendar

Never know when the best time to plan is, especially if you focus on seasonal content? This calendar will let you know what to focus on NOW and let you write in a primary goal for that day. 

It all helps you stay on track!

You can easily duplicate this layout to add more features or remove a row to highlight fewer features.

Get instant access to the Q4 mini planning bundle now!

You only have the rest of September to gear up to make the most of Q4 sales, whether affiliate income or ad revenue from page views. 

5 pages to help take quick actionable steps to meaningfully finish 2019! 

"I want to print this out and cuddle with it. This alone is worth more than I paid you."

Laura Marschel  //  Lalymom and Parents Wine Club

I believe that everyone should be working smarter rather than constantly running in circles to try to get things done. 

Q4 is an easy time as an online publisher to make a lot of money. So I made this to help my family juggle our websites in order to have simple, easy, actionable steps to make the most of each one!

Kara Carrero

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